Discussion Experiment featuring Daan van Vrede

The individual carbon footprint might be a trick by the oil industry – what do we do with this knowledge?
– Discussion in English –

Talking about the individual carbon footprint, we often come across the argument that this tool was mainly promoted by the oil industry in order to take attention away from the responsibility of companies and politics and focus it solely on our individual consumer behaviour.

But what does this mean for our daily lives? How should we think about our own responsibility in light of this? And if we focus less attention on our individual consumer behaviour, what do we focus it on instead?

In this edition of the discussion experiment, in addition to the interesting topic, we also have a guest facilitator for the first time. 

Daan van Vrede is a regular participant in the discussion experiment and will be trying out his own version of the method with us. Daan has been active with Extinction Rebellion in the Dutch climate movement for the past few years. He also has an interest for conflict resolving methods such as Non Violent Communication and inner transformation through Vipassana meditation.


Join us!

Participation is free and you don’t need to prepare anything, just bring curiosity and about 2 hours of time.

Please register briefly by writing to info@diskussions-experiment.de and then come along, experiment and discuss with us!


When & where:

Wed 24 January 2024

Tuesday Coworking
Ground floor
Belziger Str. 69-71, 10823 Berlin.

Doors open at 17:45
Discussion: 18:00 – 20:15