Discussion Experiment - 23 November

Do we bring populists to power by being too progressive?
(discussion in English)


In recent years, voices claiming that politics and the media have become too left-wing are growing louder – „too woke“, „too politically correct“, „too much cancel culture“ and „too much climate hysteria“. 

Populist politicians use (and amplify) these sentiments and thus gain political influence. As a result progressive actors fight even more resolutely for their cause and polarisation intensifies. This increases the risk that populists will take important positions and have the chance to undermine democratic institutions.

But what is the right response to this situation? Should leftist activists and left leaning civil society really make compromises and soften their demands? Or would that make the problem even worse? …



There will be two discussions on the 6th and 23rd of November.

They are independent of each other, so you can participate in either or both.

Participation is free and you don’t need to prepare anything, just bring curiosity and about 2 hours of time.

Please register briefly by writing to info@diskussions-experiment.de and then come along, experiment and discuss with us!


When & where:

23 November – 17:45 -19:30
Tuesday Coworking, Belziger Str. 69/71, Berlin